Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness 1st Annual Conference
November 2nd, 2013

Important progress was made this week in a national movement to end homelessness.

The overwhelming response for CAEH13 shows that there’s a thirst for change, a commitment to action, and a growing alliance of Canadians with the ability and drive to build more effective national and local responses to homelessness.

The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness will continue to champion changes to policy and funding to support critical work in communities.   Addressing Canada’s affordable housing crisis is a top priority. Their mandate is to work hard with partners like the Canadian Homelessness Research Network, the Mental Health Commission of Canada and others and to bring us the research, tools, training and technical assistance we need to get the job done.

Together we will show Canadians that an end to homelessness is not only possible, it’s happening. Now.