What a night…
September 19th, 2014

Our second CEO Sleepout.
So much to say…a growing community of caring change makers, phenomenal speakers (Richard Harder – shelter volunteer extraordinaire, Lindsay Smith – representing Siloam and our shared paths, and Al Wiebe – sharing his amazing journey from high paid Executive to homelessness and his road to recovery), an eye-opening poverty food challenge and all the heart-felt conversations that entailed.
Thank you’s!!
Thank you to the participants, our partners and the Today House staff and Board for an insightful night.
To Pastor Kyle Penner, for facilitating our CEO poverty food challenge, Sobeys and Safeway for welcoming our teams as they attempted to buy one weeks supply of food on an EIA food allowance, Soup’s On for the yummy soup and biscuits (wow!), Steinbach Mennonite Church for the bus and eager bus driver, Edwin Sonsona for the sound system, Dr. Curtis Krahn for MCing, Doerksen Printers for providing the cardboard tents and sponsors, Steinbach Security for keeping us safe (unlike most people experiencing homelessness), and South East Helping Hands for coffee, snacks and a bathroom (some of us are wimps).
We’re still a bit bleary eyed, so here’s hoping we haven’t forgotten anyone. With sincere gratitude, thank you.


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