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December 16th, 2015

Steinbach MCC Gives Back To Local Charities

Charity Representatives Collect Cheques

Steinbach MCC donated a total of $50,000 to 15 local charities on Friday morning.

Chair Gordon Kornelson says they value the community immensely and want to give something back.

“Our board figures that the local people bring the donations to the thrift store, and local people shop and therefore we should give something back to the local people as well. On top of that we send a lot of money to MCC Manitoba, which is used for their work at home and abroad.”

Kornelson notes each of the charities that received money submitted an application form, and then all of the charities that fit the criteria receive funds. He says there are a lot of non-profit organizations in Steinbach, and this year they received many more applications than last year. He notes last year they awarded 10 local charities with funds.

Simone Penner accepted the cheque on behalf of Today House. She says homelessness in Steinbach is often not visible to the public, but it is definitely there.

“At Today House we make sure we offer our guests a nutritious meal, laundry facilities, and a bed. We offer them safety and we don’t judge. Today House does not receive any funding from any level of government, therefore private donations, and very generous grants such as this is what makes us able to offer the basic needs to those that we shelter.”

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