A.C.T. Solutions – Thank you!
November 24th, 2016


Matt and Ryan Bergen from A.C.T. Solutions are accepting old computers and rebuilding them to help folks in tough situations who struggle with access to a computer. They can tell you all about their many plans for this service including plugging in high school students to help (awesome!).

So, A.C.T. just set up the first rebuilt computer at Today House for our guests to reconnect with friends and family, search for jobs, and look for housing. With the help of a local business person, who wishes to remain anonymous (thank you), Matt has included all the necessary software and hardware to ensure the computer is used appropriately as well as protects our guests personal logins and passwords. It’s similar to a hotel computer where if one guest checks email, we want to make sure that passwords are wiped each night so the next guest cannot access them. Matt can explain this much better than we can!

We are so grateful and pleased to be able to offer this additional piece of ‘home’ to our guests.

Please consider bringing your old computers to A.C.T. Solutions at #8 – 90 Brandt St.   Rest easy – they do a full military wipe of each computer before turning it into something functional. It takes about 4-5 old computers to rebuild an awesome one. Well done A.C.T. Solutions!!