Welcome to our new House Parents
January 30th, 2017

Willi and Erna Wiebe grew up in Paraguay, South America. They started their married life in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. There they worked in the National Psychiatric Hospital for two years, then moved to BC, Canada.  Erna worked as a cook in a personal care home for 10 years while Willi completed his BA in Psychology and Masters in Counseling Psychology at Trinity Western University. Willi and Erna returned to Paraguay with their two little girls (now adults), where Erna was a stay at home mom and managed a hobby farm. Willi worked half-time at a private psychiatric hospital as a counselor and taught at the local psychiatric nursing school. The other half-time, Willi worked in Social work, counseling, managed group homes with mentally and physically challenged people, and taught at the hospital nursing school, local bible school as well as at the Christian University in Asunción. Currently Willi is working as a counselor in a lead position in a centre in Winnipeg, with a satellite office in Steinbach. They enjoy working with people at a local church, in the community and now at Today House. They love nature, fishing and traveling as couple as well as with family.

          Welcome to the team Willi and Erna – we are so pleased to have you join us!