Your Caring is Amazing!
September 25th, 2014

We thank each participant for joining us in the CEO Sleepout….the influence of what you do is felt throughout the City of Steinbach and surrounding area.
The Board of Today House is ever so grateful for your contribution and those of your friends/family/colleagues towards our capital campaign.  To date you have raised just over $37000.00 for Today House.  Always very humbling when so many people gather to learn and concern themselves about those who have less.  
We didn’t get a chance to ask everyone how well you slept or more like did you sleep at all?!?  We hope your muscles were not too achy, nor your brain too fuzzy for your tasks at hand on Friday. 
As a Board, we welcome and encourage any feedback about the event.  
It’s been said that the decision to be generous is a form of love – thank you again for loving those experiencing homelessness in our community.   We could not serve them without your compassion.  
Your energy and efforts towards the CEO Sleepout were truly appreciated….hope to see you all next year for another Sleepout…..and maybe some of you as VOLUNTEERS this year!